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  • Adventure at Sanyatang Valley

    Sanyatang Valley is located at Wuzhishan Scenic Area. It belongs to the subtropical mountainous rain forest, so the climate is mild with affluent rainfall, natural ecology and fresh air. The percentage of forest cover is 98%, with the annual average air temperature at 19.1℃, and air anion as high as 100000cm or more. It is surrounded by green bamboos and forest, with tall old trees. Before you arrive at Sanyatang Valley, there is a Nanshan Waterfall, which is magnificent and imposing, with clear water and green trees and bamboos around for environmental protection in addition to white clouds in the sky constituting a beautiful landscape painting.
  • Liushi River National Forest Park

    Liushi River National Forest Park is a tourist resort mainly consisting and lake and hill landscape and other natural sceneries. It is an ecological park with natural landscape, cultural landscape, lakeside boardwalks, green roads for bicycle riding around mountains and forest healthcare functions all rolled into one. Within the park, there are deluxe hill villas, Chinese and Western style deluxe and medium-level guestrooms, lake view restaurants, big and small conference rooms, singing and dancing halls, supermarkets, fountain swimming pools and other supporting facilities. There are more than 10 amusement items such as on-water parks, amusement with monkeys, paintball field operations, ethnic customs park, peacock park, deer sightseeing park, etc. Also there are as many as 12 cultural landscapes like Snow at Liushi, Color Rainbow at Liushi, Rare Botanical Garden. 13 natural scenes, including Sanyatang Valley, Small Lijiang and Pearl Isle, have been developed.
  • Amusing Rose World

    It is the first rose themed park covering a land area of more than 1000mu. Within the scenic area, more than 300 rose varieties have been imported from abroad; moreover, there are a number of unique characteristic landscapes, including Floral Fairy Plaza filled with European customs. At Floral Fairy Plaza, there are violinists personally playing on each weekend; there are also heart rose knots witnessing love. It is very suitable to lover tourists, and it is also one of the key stops wedding photography in Conghua. (There are also large popular science education bases). Meanwhile, there are also additional items for individual and group tourism. The essence of the park is a 100-year-old rose tree, with branches as thick as arms. Every April or May, there will be rose blooms. From the end of September until the beginning of October, roses will put forth their blossoms.
  • Drift at Blue Water Valley

    Blue Water Valley Drift Guangzhou is located in the new hot spring tourist scenic spot, Liangkou, Conghua famed as a “back garden of Guangzhou” with elegant scenery. The drift river course originates from the Paradise Top Mountain Range, known as “the first peak in Guangzhou”. It gathers 100 waterfalls and 1000 fountains and becomes a river. In the perilous valley at the height of 1285 meters above the sea level, torrents flow down along thousands of gullies. When you stay there, you will catch sight of deep valleys and dales, generous and imposing manners as well as attractive sceneries all the way. There are not only grotesque rocks, queer forest, beautiful mountains and waters enhancing each other’s beauty, but also there are full branches of litchi in the park with red fruits covering 10000mu as if you were in pictures making you linger over! And the mountainous drifts coming from primitive ecology enable you to experience going beyond yourself and challenging the utmost passion!
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Liuxi Hot Spring Zone, Conghua, Guangzhou (Liangkou)