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“Health” means life, survival and growth; and “preservation” means maintaining, nursing, nourishing and caring. In the Chinese traditional medicine science, since Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon, it has pursued the principle as “health preservation before medical treatment”, namely, one should do health preservation before illness. The implication of “health preservation” is how to prolong the time limit of life on the one hand and how to improve living quality on the other hand.

In the Commentary on the Waterways Classic, hot spring has been mentioned several times to be able to “cure various diseases”, for example, “Lushan imperial soup, which can be taken along with cooked rice, can cure various diseases. One can bathe well three times a day, with all diseases healed forty days later”. Natural hot spring contains several microelements beneficial to human body, and will have health preservation role to human mechanism. “Bathing in spring benefits masculinity; bathing in summer helps remove hot diseases in summer; bathing in autumn can moisten lungs, and bathing in winter warms human public region.”

The practice of health preservation in China has its cultural deposits of ancient philosophy and Chinese traditional medical theories. It is the combination of ideological essence of Confucianism, Tao, Buddha and all other schools.

With the constant development of the hot spring industry, the perfect combination of natural rare hot spring and precious Chinese herbs, harmonious integration of supreme geographic and cultural sceneries will benefit people physically and mentally all over the life.


Liuxi Hot Spring Zone, Conghua, Guangzhou (Liangkou)